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Delivering Your Key Messages

 in a Captivating Way


As Social Techie, let me help you build your community through solid connections for the greater good. I have fifteen years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. I am experienced at using technology to illustrate the social impact, build on social capital, and craft messages which speak to both clients and the community. My style may be described as authentic, above all, and balanced.


Here is an opportunity to promote your mission and programs, build loyalty and brand recognition, and address other goals you have. I look forward to developing a written proposal for you with definitive products and costs.

Hire an experienced social media manager, who regularly uses: 

  • Social Media Including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

  • Constant Contact or MailChimp for emails

  • Canva for creatives and images

  • Manages the content on a variety of templated websites and WordPress

Have you ever found a message in a bottle?  Finding one is both exciting and brimming with adventure. As a "New Englander" through and through, I am a Boston native who spent time combing the beaches on the north shore, hunting for sea glass, shells, and yes, that elusive message in a bottle. As Social Techie, I strive to deliver that adventure to you and your community through my creative content.

Creative communications have always been a part of the package for me, between being a life-long photographer of candid shots, a licensed amateur radio operator, and a blogger for fun.

Now, let's begin with your special project!

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