“KD strives to provide the client with exactly what they are looking for in a website. She is highly recommended!” 
Terry Anderson, Owner
Anderson Nutrition Services
"As a first-time business owner just starting out, I didn’t think too much about getting a website set-up to promote my business with hours of operation, address, menu, etc...
Contacting KD at Social Techie was the best and easiest thing I’ve done so far!! Her professionalism, knowledge, and “go get em” attitude got my site up and running in a few short weeks. Her prices are competitive and well worth it. So happy to have her on my team!! ❤️ Here’s my site if you want to check out her work: www.fareandjustkitchen.com"
Peter Duff, Chef/Owner
“Karen Ryan, owner of Social Techie is a true professional. She takes the time and has the patience to listen to the needs of her clients. She pays attention to detail and is also responsive and reliable."
Marie Younger Blackburn

Founder of: Let Me Tell You a Story; Conversations That Matter; Driven Women
“You are a community treasure!"
Steve Gallien, Publisher of Harwich Neighbors Magazine
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